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National Junior Honor Society (NJHS),

Sarah Thornbery (Advisor) 


Thank you for visiting the webpage for NJHS.  It is essential that members make sure that they finish their 20 hours of community service this year.  If you feel that you are going to have issues, please make sure that you contact Miss Thornbery.  If you wish to be placed on Miss Thornbery's email list for parents, you can contact her at her email (listed above).  



Meeting Dates for 2019-20

August 28, 2019

November 19 or 21, 2019 (pick 1 to attend)

January 14, 2020

February 25, 2020

April 14, 2020

April 16, 2020 (NJHS Induction at the HS at 7 PM)


Below, I have posted some links that will help you:


NJHS Service Hours Form


NJHS Service Project 



Candidate Information

National Junior Honor Society Logo

To be eligible to apply for NJHS, students must have a 93% cumulative GPA in the core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science, & Social Studies) after the first semester of 7th grade.  All applicants must meet with Miss Thornbery to receive their application number prior to applying.  There is no rounding for the GPA element. 


Student Presentation 


Exemplary NJHS Application



NJHS Application



What is the National Junior Honor Society?


Established in 1929, the National Junior Honor Society is an organization that recognizes the most outstanding, well-rounded students in America’s junior high schools.  The Springboro Junior High School is honored to be one of only a few junior high schools in the area maintaining an active chapter.  It is a great honor to be selected for membership.  Those students selected for membership have achieved not only academically, but also in the fundamental qualities for which our school stands:  service, leadership, character, and citizenship.


What qualities do members demonstrate?


Students selected for membership have shown excellence in the following areas:

  • Scholarship: Earned an accumulated grade percent average of 93% or higher during the first semester of seventh grade year.

  • Service:  Gives time, effort and talent to help others, places the common good above self-interest, works willingly as part of a club, team, or activity, and serves to school or community without compensation.  

  • Leadership:  Acts as a positive leader, takes a constructive part in classroom activities, and performs assignments efficiently and responsibly.  

  • Character: Demonstrates high standards or reliability, fairness, tolerance and open-mindedness, acts courteously toward peers, faculty and staff, demonstrates positive qualities of attitude, is motivated and self-disciplined.

  • Citizenship: Cooperates willingly with school and community rules, demonstrates school pride and spirit, and demonstrates involvement with school, community and/or service organizations.


How are members selected?


Membership is an achievement, not a right. It is an honor earned by past effort and performance. Prospective members are offered an opportunity to complete this application.  Simultaneously, all members of the Springboro Junior High faculty are asked to either recommend or not recommend all prospective members.  


When the faculty recommendations and the student’s applications are returned by the deadline, a five-member faculty council, appointed by the principal and a sixth, non-voting member of the faculty council, the chapter adviser, will meet to review all recommendations and applications.  The principal and/or guidance counselor may also be present at this meeting in a non-voting capacity.  With a vote of 3-2 or better in favor of membership, a student is granted membership into the National Junior Honor Society.  The decision of the council is final.  While the names of the faculty council are disclosed, the reasons for their decisions are confidential and shall not be disclosed.  


What do National Junior Honor Society Members do?  


NJHS members are involved!  You will have an opportunity to shape activities of the chapter. Activities will likely include school and/or community service, opportunities for members to enhance their leadership skills and have a good time with other members!  Additionally, you will be required to continue participating on your own, outside of school, service activities.  Finally, NJHS is an honor and officially recognizes your achievements and accomplishments in scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship.


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